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Sarah's House
Emergency Shelter In Pasadena, TX
Contact Us(713) 475-1480
Sarah's House
Emergency Shelter In Pasadena, TX
Contact Us(713) 475-1480
Sarah's House|711 Perla, Pasadena, TX 77502-4995|(713) 475-1480

Emergency Shelter in Pasadena, TX

Discover a compassionate haven – Sarah's House, an emergency shelter dedicated to serving survivors of abuse and adversity. Join us in our mission to provide refuge and empowerment to those in need and make a difference.

Contact Us(713) 475-1480

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What We Offer

At New Beginnings, we provide a sanctuary of care through our residential and non-residential services. We offer a safe space for families seeking refuge and the tools needed to rebuild independent lives.

Our Commitment Is Clear

New Beginnings is committed to providing a solid environment for those who have faced abuse and hardships. We empower individuals and families through our comprehensive residential and non-residential services, helping them reclaim their lives. Through our food pantry, we ensure that nourishment reaches those who need it most, fostering a stronger, more resilient community. At our resale store, every donation and purchase makes a meaningful impact, directly contributing to the transformation and healing of our clients.

Be A Part Of The Change

Join us in this mission – your call to action matters. Reach out, learn more, and become a vital part of the New Beginnings family today.

Contact Us(713) 475-1480

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